5 Mistakes To Avoid For your Custom Trade Show Exhibit

Preparing for your first custom trade show? Most probablyyou would have gone through so many tips, reviews etc., online.But do you know what are the mistakes that most exhibitors make when designing a Custom Trade show Booth? Let’s know about the common mistakes that people make arranging their first trade show. 

Design Without Specific Goal

The trade shows can no doubt provide effective results. So, a trade show should have clear and measurable goals first. Generally, the most common mistake that the exhibitors make is designing trade shows without having any proper goal. Many companies forget about achieving goals from the trade show, rather they use it to simply represent their business. 

So, it’s important to have a specific goal in mind before designing a trade show.

Too Cheap Trade Display

Sometimes people opt for cheap trade show booths to save some money. They also try and save money by not hiring a professional designer to design their booth, They may even save money logistics like transporting their booth safely, and not having a proper plan with regards to set up and tear down. This may not help.  

But do you know the truth? 

Not only a bad display fails to attract customers, but this can alsodamage your reputation. Rather a well designed strategic display will showcase your products in the best way that resonates with your customers. 

Incorporating Too Much Information

Space is one of the most important things that we should know how to use. This is the reason why the majority of successful Custom Trade show Booths display their graphics mainly focusing on importantimages with less text that enhances the look and feel of the booth and it gives great impression and better understanding to the visitor as they walk by.  

But most of the exhibitors think that high volume of visual content and text makes the customers informed about the brand. Generally, it makes the booth look too congested.

Failing to Highlight Benefits

You only get a few seconds to engage the attention of viewers and to showcase your products. The booth has limited space and you should utilize it properly to highlight the benefits of your product. The design of your custom trade show booth should talk about how your product can provide solutions to their problems. 

Size of Exhibit Booth

Having a large booth is not a great deal and it can end up with poor return on investment. So, you should understand the size requirement of your trade show booth and make it a useful one. Otherwise, your visitors will be disappointed and you will end up losing a lot of money. 


These are some of the mistakes that people generally make for their Custom Trade show Booth. Try to understand them and enjoy the benefits of a successful trade show. Hopefully, the article helped you. So, take note of these mistakes and get a successful trade show that attracts visitors more than your expectations.

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