Panoramic Island Exhibits


Panoramic Island Exhibit

The Panoramic Modular System is the nation’s first full-wrap graphic system. Using SEG (Silicone Edged Graphics), your messages may cover the entire exhibit structure as a complete canvas. Panoramic is an easy-to-assemble (no tools required), structural extrusion system. Once the graphics are in position, the supporting structure is not visible.  Each confi guration is pre-mounted: the caps are attached to the aluminum profiles and the parts are engraved. The profiles are assembled without tools thanks to an angled bracket that is invisible after set-up

Panoramic Island Exhibit Features:

  • No tools or expertise necessary
  • Tension fabric graphics
  • Minimal storage space required
  • Guaranteed reliability in any environment.
  • Rolled up inside it’s casing, the graphic is well-protected during transportation.

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Panoramic Island

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